The Memories of our Life Together

I met the love of my life at the end of 2013. Three years later we got married. Three years following that we finally finished our move to America and were able to take our honeymoon!

Here you can find a collection of photos of our big life events. I am very fortunate to have found such a caring and loving partner, and enjoy being able to share the special moments from our lives.

If there are any problems viewing this site, contact me and I will look into it as soon as possible.


Finally...THREE YEARS later, we were able to take our honeymoon. It ended up being a two-parter. A Carribean cruise in August 2019, along with an adventure across Europe in September 2019. Please feel free to go through the photos to get a glimpse into our amazing journey.


A huge thanks to The Earth Production for the majority of the wedding photos.

Additional thanks goes to my good friend Kota Toriumi (almost every Wedding Party photo is thanks to him), and to my brother-in-law Takuya Horikawa, for taking so many amazing photos. I will never be able to thank either of you enough for supplying so many great pictures.

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